MXSTEN® Plastomers are the lowest density Ziegler-Natta hexene based linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) in the world. MXSTEN® Plastomers exhibit exceptionally balanced MD and TD properties along with superior low temperature dart impact strength properties. MXSTEN® Plastomers have excellent seal strength at low initiation temperatures which allows processors to run faster line speeds on their form, fill and seal machines. For such a low density polymer, MXSTEN® Plastomers have unique stiffness properties which makes it an ideal choice for stand-up and thermoformed pouches. MXSTEN® Plastomers meet FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 and are a preferred resin for the flexible food packaging convertors. In addition to MXSTEN® Plastomers, Westlake's quality food packaging film resins include HIFOR®, HIFOR Clear® and HIFOR Xtreme® polyethylenes.

MXSTEN® Plastomers
Grade MI (g/10 min.) Density (g/cm3) Typical Applications Data Sheet
CV77541 0.5 0.906 Blown film & extrusion PDF icon
CV77525 0.5 0.906 Blown film, suitable for E-beam post treatment PDF icon
CV77526 0.7 0.910 Blown film PDF icon
CV77516 1.0 0.910 Cast & blown film PDF icon
CV77528 2.0 0.910 Cast & blown film PDF icon