Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the world's third most widely used plastic and is an attractive alternative to traditional materials, such as glass, metal, wood, and other plastic materials, because of its versatility, durability and cost competitiveness. 

Westlake has capacity to produce over 5 billion pounds per year of PVC Resin in the United States.  Westlake PVC Suspension Resin is produced at four production facilities in the United States: Aberdeen, Mississippi; Calvert City, Kentucky; Geismar, Louisiana; and Plaquemine, Louisiana.  These PVC plants benefit from vertical integration as the primary raw material to produce PVC resin, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), is produced at Westlake plants in Calvert City, KY; Geismar, LA; Plaquemine, LA; and near Lake Charles, LA.   

Westlake manufactures PVC resins with molecular weights ranging from 0.53 IV to 1.12 IV in in the U.S.  These resins are used for pipe, siding and other applications such as windows, doors, decking, wire and cable, flooring, medical, film and sheet and many more applications.

With over 60 years of responsible production and handling experience, Westlake manufactures PVC Resin with environmental and public health and safety consideration. Westlake personnel are experienced in handling and shipping PVC Suspension Resin, and our engineers, scientists, and sales personnel can provide technical assistance to users.

For more information on our U.S. PVC products and technical specs, click HERE.

In Europe, Westlake Vinnolit includes PVC production facilities in Burghausen, Gendorf, Cologne, Knapsack and Schkopau in Germany, and Hillhouse in the United Kingdom.  Vinnolit manufactures specialty PVC resins suitable for a wide range of industrial and building product applications, including automotive sealants and interior trim, cable sheathing, flooring, medical, pipe, film, technical coatings, wall covering and window profiles. Vinnolit has expanded our portfolio to add important specialty PVC resin products and technologies.  More information on Vinnolit PVC products can be found HERE.

In China, Suzhou Huasu Plastics Co., Ltd. (Huasu), a Westlake company, includes a PVC production facility in Jiangsu Sheng, China.  Huasu manufactures PVC resins and other related products for applications as roof membrane, residential decoration, pool liners, inflatable products, automotive, stationery, insulation tapes, medical care, labels and packaging.  More information on Huasu PVC products can be found HERE.


PVC Suspension Resin